American wine rack – custom wine rack & standardized rack system

american wine rack

American wine rack – custom wine rack & standardized rack system

America is one of the markets that consume the most wine in the world, with a large number of wine consumers and the related industries are also well developed. People are willing to store some good wine at home for daily drinking, parties or investment. Due to the strong market demand, wine storage products also have a large market scale in America. There are two main forms of American wine racks: customized wine racks and standardized ones. Between them, the standardized wine racks system is more popular and convenient with ordinary consumers.


At the first glance, the standardized wine rack system is not very different from a customized one. Most of them are all made from wood and they are all hollowed structures. In fact, the differences between the two are that, if they can perfectly match the various wine storage spaces of different customers, and whether the suppliers can reduce the operating cost of a single wine rack through mass production.


The customized wine rack can be perfectly built in the wine cellar space. For example, almost all round-shaped wine cellars need to be customized with a special arc to be perfectly fixed along the curved wall. For another example, if customers want the wine rack to reach a certain height, in most of the cases that they need to customize it, because the standardized wine rack may leave a blank distance from that certain height.


But the customizing a wine rack needs to start from the construction of the wine cellar, then taking the measurement, designing, producing, delivering, and final installation. The supplier cannot produce the wine rack before the order is confirmed. That means customizing wine rack need a long production time and higher cost.


Most of the American wine racks are standardized ones. By abandoning the perfect matching of cellar space, suppliers only need to provide limited design styles and sizes for customers to choose from so that they can do mass production in advance and store the ready-to-ship products in the warehouse. Right after the customer confirms the order, the sales will send the information about the product SKU codes and quantities to the warehouse, and the warehouse can quickly deliver the relevant products to the customers, greatly reducing the time and costs.


This is also the way many large-scale American wine rack suppliers run their business. As an OEM manufacturer of wine racks, Ciematic not only produces customized wine racks but also receives orders from these distributors. Since different distributors develop different wine rack systems, we produce the wine racks strictly according to the technical dimensions required and provide complete after-sale service. If you are interested in this model or want to know more about the American wine rack, welcome to consult us!

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