Case study _ Custom design for irregular wine cellar room

irregular wine cellar

Case study _ Custom design for irregular wine cellar room

When searching supplier for his wine cellar, David from Brisbane visit our website and consult with us about the design for his irregular wine cellar.

His cellar room is different from that rectangular room, there is a curved wall and a column in the room, making it hard to fix the wine racking against the wall tightly.

To deal with this irregular wine cellar room, we decide to put the quarter-circular wine racks and leave the hard-to-use corners void. Of cause, to avoid the bottles falling into the useless zone, there are backs to all the wine racks.

The wine racking for this cellar contains one arch, two cabinets with doors, three diamond bins, four quarter-circular racks, five shelves, and a lot of individual wine racks. The total capacity is around 920 bottles (750ml).

From June when David’s first consult to August that the wine racks arrive at David’s site, it only spent less than 3 months to make a wine cellar come to reality.

If you are looking for a cellar racking supplier, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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