Lighting system for custom wine rack

Lighting system for custom wine rack

The lighting of wine cellars generally depends on the interior lighting system which is already fixed on ceiling and walls. If the lighting is not enough and it’s not easy to change the electrical circuit and the existed lighting system, or in case you need special lighting for displaying wine collections, fixing lights in the wine rack/cabinet is a good solution.

The lighting system fixed in the wine rack should be LED light or other cold light source, to avoid the heat from common light bulbs affecting the wine storage condition.

There are two common styles of LED light used in wine rack, linear light, and downlight. Normally, the linear lights are fixed above the shelves, display rack and full rack, to provide a well-distributed lighting effect. Downlights will be fixed in the top of the arch, or above the shelves, to focus on the objects (wine bottles, glass, decorations, painting, or others) it shines on.

In one wine cellar, different areas can be equipped with different forms or types of lights to achieve a better effect.

Besides, you should consider the color temperature of lighting system in the wine rack. We suggest choosing the color temperature range 3000k-5000k is better.

If you need more details about the lighting system for the wine rack or want to see our wine rack design with light, please feel free to contact us.

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