Case study _ Custom Wine Cellar with waterfall racking

Case study _ Custom Wine Cellar with waterfall racking


Gordon is a wine collector owning more than 3,000 bottles and dozens wood cases of wine. To renovate his wine cellar, he works with us for the new wood racks for his collections.


The room size of this wine cellar is 8 meter long by 4 meter wide by 2.5 meter high. As the plan below, this cellar room is not square, the entrance is nearly at the right corner and there is a wing on the left.


The new built wine rack goes around the room walls and contains a 3-meter-wide island. Together 89 racking units provide space for over 2,600 bottles of wine, as well as the over 80 wood cases. Besides, there are arch units for tasting and display, as well as the drawers and cabinets for storing. When someone comes in this custom wine cellar, the first sight will the long island and the arch units at the Wall-E and Wall-F.


Compared to other project, we put a set of waterfall wine rack at the left wing of the cellar to increase the storage space for individual bottles, that’s the Part-P (P for Peninsula). Waterfall unit is not often used in the wine rack design. It looks like a common square full racking without a corner. Some will even be triangular, look like one full racking is cut along the diagonal. If only for the purpose of increasing space, common full racking will be better than the waterfall racking. But in the case that there are many wine racks arranged compactly, just like the left wind in this cellar, waterfall racking makes the vision more open, and allows the ceiling light bright up all the wine racking, not restrict the light. When people glance it or go around it, they will not feel narrow. We also put a small bar table at the end of the waterfall racking unit. This table can be used to put the wine bottle or wine case which just taken out or do some simple tasting here.


During discussing about the wine racking design for this custom wine cellar, we have another design option that to add 2 or 3 sets of waterfall units at the locations where the island is. They will look like peninsula from the wall wine rack. And the total capacity will be up to 3000 bottles. But this option is rejected cause there will make the cellar look like a library and lack of social use. But Gordon is pleased with the waterfall racking design, so we put it at the left wing instead.


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