Basement cellar rack for client in Melbourne

basement cellar

Basement cellar rack for client in Melbourne

Basement is one of the best locations to build wine cellar. Ciematic just finish the production process for a basement cellar in Melbourne.


The most significant feature of this cellar is the color matching. The whole set of wine rack is made from Black thick frame and reddish back panel. All sections are equipped with LED lights.

When the lights are on, this set of wine rack looks beautiful and elegant.


About the practical function of this basement cellar, its total capacity of wine or spirits are over 700 bottles.

On Side-A, there are cabinet for sink and reserved spaces for fridge and smaller wine fridge. The cellar air conditioner is fixed behind the shutter above the sink.

Side-B is planned for whisky and other spirits, glass, goblets, decanters and other stuffs.

There are 4 large metal racks in Side-C to store over 350 bottles of wine.

The reserved space in the middle is for a big table and chairs, for tastings or family gatherings.


Ciematic have been working in wine rack manufacturing for years. If you are looking for solutions to make your wine rack or basement cellar like above, welcome to contact us for more suggestions.

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