5 tips about built-in stainless-steel wine cabinet

5 tips about built-in stainless-steel wine cabinet

In the last passage, we talk about the stainless-steel wine cabinets used in kitchen, in this passage, we will talk about the built-in wine cabinets.


  1. Application scenarios

Built-in stainless-steel wine cabinets are fitted for household, wine shops, restaurants, clubs and hotels. For home use, they are usually fixed in the dining room, sitting room, entertainment room or home cellar. For commercial use, they are good fitments for wine shops and catering area for display.


  1. Preparation

To fix a built-in wine cabinet, there should be a niche space on wall, at least 0.8 meter wide, 1.5 meter high and 0.35 meter deep. One or more power supply in each niche is required. Besides, the wine cabinet should be located away from fire or strong sunlight.


  1. Appearance

The stainless-steel wine cabinet contains stainless steel structure, transparent glass doors and timber/metal wine racks. The finish and color of stainless steel are optional. Ventilation is fixed on top and bottom, reserving big space for wine aging.


  1. Functions

Stainless-steel wine cabinet is not just a common cabinet for storing wine bottles. It has integrated air control system to keep the suitable interior environment for wine aging. LED lights are fixed inside for better display.


  1. Customization

Custom wine cabinet sizes are available. More, the sections and accessories inside cabinet are optional. Customers can decide the rack types, quantity, color and lights by their preferences.


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