Built-in wine rack ordered by Australian client

Built-in wine rack

Built-in wine rack ordered by Australian client

Mark is an interior design in Sydney Australia. He has rich experience in importing furniture from China. In one of his case last year, there is an oak built-in wine rack need to order.

It was he told us later so we know that, he didn’t import such furniture from China before. When he wants to custom wooden built-in wine racks from the local workshop, the cost was too high to order. Then, he asked his cabinet supplier in China for help. And it’s our honor that his cabinet supplier recommends us to Mark.

Unlike other common furniture, Mark didn’t know very much about the wine rack design. We show him images of our cases and the common designs through email and WeChat, so he will have ideas to discuss with his client.

The wine rack Mark wants to do is a built-in wooden wine rack, 1.2 meters wide, 2.3 meters height. Surround the wine rack is a solid wood frame with the same finish of rack. Mark will fix the LED lighting and glass doors on the site.

Consider Mark didn’t have experience of wine rack assembling. The racks were already assembled in the workshop before packing. What Mark need to do was only putting the rack inside after fixing the frame.

If you want to do custom wooden wine rack in your house, but don’t have much space, this design of built-in wine rack design is a good option for you. It’s suitable to fit in the living room, dining room, or entertainment room. It’s also good for wine lovers who don’t collect many wines.

You can also click this video link https://youtu.be/SCPjHsbUl2w to view the complete product.

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