Red cedar full racking for wine cellar

Red cedar wine rack

Red cedar full racking for wine cellar

Red cedar is a popular material to make a wine rack in Australia. In the early of 2019, Australian architect Karl contact us about custom red cedar wine rack for his client.

Most of the Australian wine rack made by Ciematic is simple and without carving. The popular types of wood wine rack are individual racks, display racks, and box bin. This set of red cedar wine rack is for the cellar in a newly built house for entertainment. Besides of the cellar, there is a small cinema. Between cinema and cellar, there is a wall with several windows.

What we need to do is to make a set of full red cedar wine rack around the walls in this cellar. By studying Karl’s floor plan layout and some brief discussions with him, we provide Karl three design options before and after.

The difference among these designs is focusing on how to use the space of windows. Though the racks are hollowed, people can see through the window glass & wine rack, do the clients want to put racks there?

Through the discussion and conversation, we finally confirm the design – not to put racks against the window, to let the cellar space more open and provide a better view for people inside.

If you have a similar cellar with many windows, how do you want to put the wine racks? Welcome to tell us your opinion by email [email protected] or textbox in the bottom right.

In many modern style wine cellar racks, red cedar has its benefits as the main material, if you want to know more about the red cedar wine racking product we make, please click on here >> custom wine cellar Melbourne to know more.

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