Case study: Oriental classic wine cabinet

classic wine cabinet

Case study: Oriental classic wine cabinet

When you are planning to build your wine cellar or bar corner, and you don’t want a hollow racks, then a classic wine cabinet will be a good choice for you and your wines.


Though there is not much different from the common wine rack, the wine cabinet looks like the crockery cabinet or cupboard. It is suitable for classic and country interior style.


Take this oriental classic wine cabinet below as example, the floor-to-ceiling cabinet is made from dark-stained oak wood. The style is simple, and not fancy. The sections are obvious. The top parts are individual racks for separated bottles. The middle parts are display racks without partitions. The bottom parts are shelves with small arches. Cabinets with doors and countertops are in the center and under window for wine sets and decorations.


About the interior lighting, since this classic wine cabinet is for private owners, not for commercial use, the lighting here is simple: lights from ceiling and counter is the main part. There is no lighting inside the cabinets. Actually, aged wines don’t need much lighting.


If you think the light is not enough, or this wine cabinet is for commercial display, you can fix the lighting inside every wine racks and cabinets. An experienced wine rack designer will his/her client for lighting requests, and make the lights integrate into the design. If you need help about the lights, welcome to consult us.


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