Classic red oak corner wine rack design

corner wine rack

Classic red oak corner wine rack design

When you don’t have a particular room for wine, have you ever thought about to build a corner wine rack in living room or somewhere?

There are external corner wine rack and the interior corner one. The interior corner is used as a connector to fix the wine racks on two adjacent walls. And the external corner racks are used alone. As you can see, both ends of the external corner rack is attached to the walls, and it is the arc facing to users. It looks soft and compatible to other furniture.

Below is a big external corner wine rack placed in a sitting room. Like many classical corner rack, it is symmetric and decorated with Rome columns, carving and painting.

Full racking in both ends and laying shelves in the middles. The arc sector is neat and elegant. The general dark red color make the completed wine rack look more significant.

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