Custom wood wine fridge cabinet for cellar

custom wine fridge cabinet

Custom wood wine fridge cabinet for cellar

The wine fridges cabinet in the market are mainly ready-made products. Sizes are fixed and they look like the common metal fridges with glass door. These wine fridges can store less than 200 bottles of wine. To the wine collectors who want to build their own cellars, one wine fridge is not enough. Perhaps it needs several wine fridges to store all the wine. And this solution is costly. To those want wine fridge, why not build a custom wine fridge instead?


The custom wine fridge cabinet is needed to the place not suitable for wine cellar cooling system. For example, the space for wine is part of a room, like entertaining room, and this room cannot be separated into two rooms. The wine cellar cooling system will maintain the temperature between 12-17℃, which is best for wine aging. But this temperature range is a bit cold for people inside, so the cooling system is not appropriate.


In other cases, the owner collects not only the wine (which need a low temperature), but also some spirits or alcohol which are fine in room temperature.


And some wine room use custom wine fridge cabinet because of both of the reasons above, such as the case below.


This wine room has space for storage as well as table for tasting. And right beside the wine room is the space for pool and other entertainments. The owner want a set of custom wine fridge cabinet toward to wall and solid wood display wine rack on both ends of fridge. This wine fridge is composed by the surrounding material for insulation and sealing, solid wood wine rack and built-in cooling system inside. The cooling control is fixed on the wine fridge surface, so users can adjust the temperature and humidity inside easily.


Besides, owner should pay attention to the ventilation and heat radiation, or it will affect the temperature around the fridge.


Because most of the components are made by solid wood, the dimension of custom wine fridge cabinet is more flexible than the ready-made wine fridge. If you want to custom wine fridge in your house, don’t hesitate to tell us the dimension. We will help you to make the most suitable one come true.

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