Red cedar display wine rack for australian wine retailer

display wine rack

Red cedar display wine rack for australian wine retailer

David is a wine retailer in Sydney, Australia. In this early January, he consulted with us about a set of display wine rack for the wines from local wineries. This rack is only half high and on the top there are display rack. And toward one of the end, there are cabinets for utensil.

We understand this 6-meter-long display wine rack is for commercial use. When Ciematic designer planning this rack, we make it simple and practical. The capacity of this rack is 458 standard bottles and 21 magnum bottles. We cancel the vertical supports and make the display rack clear and tidy. The head of the racks are for brands and tags.

We offer David the display wine rack Door-To-Door price, means we will carry the deliver. When we ready to deliver the racks, the shipping routes to Sydney had been reduced a lot, and we need to wait another week to load the packages. Finally, all the packages reached David successfully. Because all our racks and cabinets are assembled, he only spent a few hours on unpacking and fixing them together.

How do you think about this set of display wine rack? Welcome to share with us. Ciematic provides custom wine rack as per request. Custom design service is for free. Come and tell us what you want!

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