Farmhouse wine cellar: big capacity & oak wood

Farmhouse wine cellar: big capacity & oak wood

Ciematic designs and manufactures a farmhouse wine cellar for clients in California, US.

The farmhouse style interior design keeps taking its role in the market. It is often mixed with country style for home furnishing: a light & warm color overall impression, natural wooden furniture and flooring, cotton and linen fabric, floral or simple decoration. All of them make a warm and elegant lifestyle.

What does a wine cellar in the farmhouse look like?

The owner of this farmhouse is a wine lover and collecting nearly one thousand bottles of wine. This wine cellar should have enough space for them, as well as someplace for wine tasting.

The space of the cellar is about 12 feet by 10 feet. After the cellar air conditioner is built, the ceiling height is about 7 feet.

To have a bigger capacity, in this farmhouse cellar design, there is more space for box bins and diamond bins, and individual wine racks are their supplements. Box bins and diamond bins can provide more capacity than the individual rack since the bottles are stacked in them, which are suitable for putting the wines of the same brand and same yeas together. On the other hand, the individual racks provide separated space for every single bottle, and they are suitable for the wines in which the quantities are smaller. A grand arch is designed in the middle of the wine racks. A tasting table is placed In the cellar center, for owners and guests enjoying wines here.

The overall design of farmhouse wine cellars is simple and minimal, without fancy carvings or decorations. All of the wine racks are made from clear painted oak wood, remaining the natural pattern, and they are also matching the farmhouse style well.

How do you think about this farmhouse wine cellar design? Welcome to share your idea below and discuss it with us. From wine cellar design to wine rack manufacturing, Ciematic provides products and services about wine racks and wine cellars. If you need any help, feel free to contact us!

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