Simple cellar composed of horizontal wine rack

horizontal wine rack

Simple cellar composed of horizontal wine rack

Most of the wine racks in cellars have vertical wood bars and supporting wood strips to make separated cells for individual wine bottles. Each cell is about 90mm wide by 90mm high. Some users will find the cells are too small and it’s not convenient for picking the bottles – hands will sometimes collide with the vertical wooden bars. And the horizontal wine racks are better.

Generally, there are two kinds of horizontal wine racks: the ones for bottles leaning and the ones for bottles laying.

For wines, when bottles are laying on racks, the cork is soaked in wine liquid, which will keep the cork in fine condition and the wine will not deteriorate. Leaning racks will keep an angle about 10-15 degrees, to show the wine labels clearly, as well as to maintain the soaked cork.

So in most of the cases, leaning racks, or the display racks will be located at waist level, on where wine bottles will catch people’s eyes.

The cellar is below the case is composed of horizontal wine racks, both leaning ones and laying ones. There is no wood bar as partitions, so we can see the wine on the rack without barriers, not to speak of picking the bottles up.

How do you think about this cellar design made of horizontal wine racks?

If you were the cellar owner, which structure you would prefer, separative common racks or the leaning & laying racks like this? Feel free to share your opinions with us. For more details about cellar racks designs and materials, welcome to contact us below or through email [email protected]

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