How to make a wine rack? 5 steps are enough!

make a modern wine rack

How to make a wine rack? 5 steps are enough!

1. How to make a wine rack?

Think more about the functions of your wine racking.

As a first step to make a wine rack, you should think more and have a clear idea about the functions of your wine racking.

You can ask yourself the questions listed below:
A. Is this wine racking for long-term storage or display?
B. How much wine do you have? What is the approximate number of bottles?
C.Do you prefer to store wine inside boxes or put them separately bottle by the bottle?
D. What are the sizes of my wine bottles? Are they all common 750ml bottles? Are there some larger one (such as 1.5L magnum bottles) or smaller one? Do you also have wine barrels?
E. If you want to build a big modern wine cellar, do you want to have a display area and tasting area?
F. Do you prefer wooden wine racks or metal ones? Or the combination?

2.Locate your wine racking

After answer the questions above, you will have a clear idea of your make a wine racking and could estimate the space for it. So when you are planning the architecture of your house, you should leave enough space for your wine racking.

As a professional wine racking supplier, Ciematic provides lots of wine racking solutions.

Some clients of us asked, can we put the wine racking anywhere in my house? Yes, sure, you can put the wine racking anywhere, which has enough space for it.

For your reference, you can follow the suggestions of the location below:

A. If you only have a few bottles of table wine, and they will be served frequently, your kitchen cabinet or pantry is enough for storage. Some small metal wine racks will be nice, a wall-mounted wine storage is also perfect.
B. If you have around 50 bottles of wine, you need to make a separate cabinet or racking for them. You can put this cabinet or rack inside your kitchen, dining room, living room, bar, or wherever you want. Just leave some space for it, or order the built-in wine rack like this Australian customer.
C. If you are a wine-lover having around 200 bottles of wine, for better storage, you need a bigger racking and a separate room. Small rooms under the stairs or a small basement is a nice place to build this wine racking.
D. If you are a wine collector, having more than 400 bottles of wine, you need a big enough room or basement to make a wine racking.

No matter how many bottles of wine do you have, a clean basement is the best place for wine storage, because it is lack of light, and have a stable temperature and humidity.

3.Assemble the equipment of temperature-control and humidity-control

Wine storage conditions, for better storage and avoid deterioration of wine, wine should be stored in the space which is dim and cool.

For a small quantity of table wine, the storage condition is not strict. Since they will not be long-term stored, no need special equipment to control the temperature and humidity. The fridge or cooler in the kitchen is enough.

But for those big wine rackings and cellars, you need to select and assemble the suitable equipment to provide a good environment for wine storage. These equipment are similar to the common air-conditioners, need to be assembled and adjusted according to the actual space and the requirement of temperature and humidity. You can have more equipment details in our former article.

4.Custom wine racking and other parts

How to make a wine rack? When the space for wine racking or cellar is ready and start to do the wall finish and another furnishing, you can contact your custom wine racking supplier, such as Ciematic to discuss the details to build your own wine racking.

According to your size and functions of wine racking, Ciematic will offer you 2-3 design options to choose from and adjust. Also, we can send you small samples to select the material and color if you need it.

To produce a set of wine racking, it needs around 30 days. From the discussion of design to wine racking arrived at your place, it needs about 2 or 3 months totally. To save your time, you can contact us earlier to confirm the general plan and design.

5.Decorate your wine racking

After all the structure and racking are done, you can decorate it with your favor. You can show your lovely wine, fine glasses and goblets, sculpture, and painting inside the wine racking or cellar, make it become an epitome of your life with wine.

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