Wine and liquor store wall racks design

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Wine and liquor store wall racks design

Not only the household wine cellar racks, but Ciematic also produces commercial wine racks, such as the ones for commercial wine storage and the ones for wine and liquor stores.

Along with the wine and liquor culture spreading, there are more and more stores selling wine and liquor. As a big part of the store, liquor racks take an important role in wine and liquor store design.

  1. In this project case, we will introduce a long wall rack for a newly open store for you.

In this liquor store design, these wall rack will occupy a whole piece of wall, and there are some tasting tables and chairs in front of the racks.

The main product of this store is red & white wines, champagne and sparkling wine, gin, and rum. Red wines are the biggest part.

In the liquor store design, there should be plenty of individual liquor racks for standard wine bottles in this wall wine liquor racks, so that the store salesperson can pick up the wine easily when chatting with clients.

There also should be a display area, so the whole body of bottles and the label on it can be shown clearly. The shop owner also has some magnum bottles, not to mention the unique bottle shapes of some kinds of liquor. There should be some shelves or diamond bins for them.

Besides, the store owner requests that there should be reserved space for Television in the right middle.

We make a symmetrical wall wine rack. A big arch for TV is in the middle, on each side, there are common racks, display rack shelves small diamond bins, and small arches. All the solid wood racks are painted orange-red. Though it looks empty when it’s assembled on site, it looks much better when the racks are filled with wine and liquor.

  1. How do you think this liquor store wall rack design?

If you are looking commercial wine rack for business, welcome to contact us for advice. We design the wine rack for free! Below are some liquor store designs that you may have interests:

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