How and where to fix the metal wall wine racks?

metal wall wine rack

How and where to fix the metal wall wine racks?

Metal becomes a frequently used material to make wine racks. In the furniture market or online shop, you can find various metal bottle holders and the metal wall wine racks.


Bottle holders are easy to be put on the table or inside the cabinet, while you should use screws and screwdriver to fix the metal wall wine racks. Considering the weight of the rack and the wine inside, we suggest using stronger screws, rather than the common one. Suppliers like Ciematic will also provide enough screws. Besides, the installer needs to prepare electric screwdriver, drill bits, ruler, marker and level.

metal wall wine rack

metal wall wine rack

And where is the good place for metal wall wine rack?

  1. The wall strong enough

The total weight of wine and racks are quietly heavy. If the wall is weak, the screws will not work properly, and the racks may be fallen down. Brick wall, concrete wall, and the stable solid wood wall are practical. The walls which made from plasterboard and the hollow wood walls cannot carry the metal wine racks well.


  1. The place isn’t exposed to direct sunlight

We know all the wine should be kept from sunlight, let alone the direct sunlight. It will destroy the wine liquid and make the wine heating up and stale. So, we should not fix the metal wall wine rack nearby window or balcony. If you only put empty bottles in the racks, that’s another cup of tea.


  1. The wall in kitchen or pantry

Kitchen and pantry are always good places for wine and liquor. Along with other food, fine wines, table wines, cooking wines are put in wine racks order, and you won’t miss them.


  1. The wall in dining room or bar

Fixing a metal wall wine rack in dining room or bar, you can pick the wine nearby and enjoy it right away. What’s more, it is also a decoration for your house. Some people are keen on collecting the fine bottles after drinking. The metal wine racks are good for display.


  1. Cellar or wine room

Cellar is the most suitable place to fix a metal wall wine rack. The temperature and humidity are controlled to be best for wine storage. You can make the cellar full of metal wine racks or combine the metal racks with wooden racks.


According to the design trend of Ciematic, there are more customers asking for the combination of metal racks and wooden racks. If you are also looking for metal wall wine racks, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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