Modern house wine room made from red-painted oak

modern wine room

Modern house wine room made from red-painted oak

The modern house wine room should be the most exciting part of wine lovers. In this article, we will share with you a modern wine room design made from red-painted oak wood.

What makes this wine room stood out is its wine rack layout. This is neither curved wine cellar nor a rectangular modern wine cellar. It’s octagonal. Or in other words, it is aiming to appear nearly circular wine racks in a rectangular modern house wine room. By putting wine racks towards the angels of room, the layout of wine racks and cellar glass door becomes an octagon, which is nicer than square racks when matching with the grand round ceiling design in the middle.

Lighting on the ceiling and the one around the wine racks make each cellar racks bright enough. The wood circle in the cellar is the same finish as wine racks. All the racks, decorations, and tasting tables are all made from oak wood and painted dark red. The reddish gloss on the surface under lighting is glistering, looks like the wine in the glass.

You can also click this YouTube link>> modern house wine room to see this wine room more generally.

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