Improved design cases: modern wine cabinet in Sydney

modern wine cabinet

Improved design cases: modern wine cabinet in Sydney

This case is a modern wine cabinet design for Jad in Sydney, Australia. Jad is building a private house and there is a wine storage inside. When he browsed the website for wine cellar suppliers, he found Ciematic and was interested in working with us, so he contacted us by email without hesitation.

Jad would prefer a modern wine cabinet rather than the full racking design. He has a rough layout draft about the wine storage done by his architect. Mostly this set of the wine cabinet is a symmetric U-shaped design. From bottom to top, there are sections for wine box storage, display shelves and crossing racks. In the right center of the cabinets, there are a group of metal wine racks.

We study the layout and discuss with Jad the material and color he wants. Our designer Jim makes the improvement on the layout draft and correct the improper structure, to make this modern wine cabinet more practical. Considering Jad may not be familiar with the plane drawing and may meet the difficulty to imagine how the wine storage looks like. Jim builds the 3D mock-up of this whole wine storage and works out the 3D images from several views.

Jad is pleased with the improved design and we will continue to the following production and assembling process to make this modern wine cabinet finally come true.

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