Australian modern wine rack with diamond bins

modern wine rack

Australian modern wine rack with diamond bins

Patrick is an interior designer in Melbourne, and Ciematic is the modern wine rack supplier for him.


Most of the modern wine rack we custom for him are modern style. Not only the glass or metal wine racks are modern design, the solid wood is also made for modern wine racks. The significant feature is simple and neat. There is usually no carving, Rome columns or big arches. The main and obvious function is for wine storage.


The modern wine rack in this case is built in 2019, for his client Emma. The total capacity is 450+ standard bottles of wine (750ml).

Like most of the Australian, Emma is a wine lover and she and her family collect various wine. She decided to build a wine cellar, and she came to Patrick.

The wine cellar is about 1.7 meters by 1.9 meters, and ceiling height is about 2.3 meters. It is planned to be a set of U-shaped symmetric wine racks. Full wine racking is in the middle and two waist-level diamond bins are on both ends. On the diamond bins, there are solid wood benchtop.

Boxes of wine, glass set, tasting utensils, and other things will be put on it.


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