Wood and metal wall wine rack for modern wine storage

modern wine wall storage

Wood and metal wall wine rack for modern wine storage

The combination of wood and metal wall wine racks become more and more popular for modern wine storage. Unlike those simple metal wine holders in cabinets or on the tabletop, wall-mounted metal racks can play a big role in the modern wine cellar design. Designers are glad to use metal wine rack together to make a fresh and new view from solid wood.

In this case, the wine cellar is separated from the living room by a transparent glass wall with doors. Matching with the interior style of the living room, designers don’t put wooden wine racks all around the cellar. There is only a set of wooden floor-to-ceiling wine rack toward one wall. To other walls, there are waist-height cabinets and stainless steel wall mounted wine racks instead.

There is no obstruction of the wood bars so the wine bottles are clearly classified in this design.

When designing the wood and metal wall wine racks into your cellar, one thing that should be paid attention is metal racks will carry all the weight of wine and bottles, which means the wall to which the rack is mounted, should be strong enough.

If you are not sure about it, it’s better for you to consult your architect first to see if the wall is strong enough to carry the weight.

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