Build oak wine cellar racks for home-use

oak wine racks

Build oak wine cellar racks for home-use

Ciematic builds oak wine cellar racks for a private wine collector in his house. This cellar is a rectangular room. Considering the capacity the client requires, wine racks are built around the walls and stand from floor to ceiling.

Though there are Rome columns as partitions among the racks, the racks are hollowed and modern style. A combination of modern wine racks and simple Rome columns can keep a classic-like style and reduce the cost.

Racks here are made from oak wood with a painting that matches the color of flooring.

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About the oak wine rack design, a third of the racks are full racking, which provides individual cell for each bottle; a third of the racks are box bin, which provides enough space for bottles standing or laying, as well as space for wine boxes and cases; the rest of the racks are display racks and diamond bins, as embellishments. On the wall towards the room door, there are a big arch and cabinets with a painting of a beautiful vineyard.

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