Red cedar underground wine cellar for home-use

underground cellar

Red cedar underground wine cellar for home-use

In the Fall of 2019, Jose contacted us through email that, he was doing renovation for his house, and wanted to order a set of the underground cedar wine cellar for home-use.

The underground cedar wine cellar design idea.

The underground red cedar wine cellar was used to be a pantry basement, but it was a bit humid and not very practical as food storage. So Jose put his wines here. Before, the wines were inside boxes, and one box was piled on another. With the increase of the wine collection, it becomes difficult for Jose to find the wine he wants, and to keep all wines in order. While doing the renovation, Jose decided to make a set of wine rack to store the wines well.

This underground red cedar wine cellar design is about 1.7 meters by 1.6 meters, overall height is about 2.1m, it’s a common basement size for average home-use. There is an additional corner space with a counter. But this space is deep but not wide enough, so we make a cabinet to hind this space. The overall design concept here is simple. We put only separate racks and display in the main part.
Consider the humid environment, we use red cedar to make this set of wine cellar racks.

Red cedar has natural chemicals.

Why choose red cedar? Red cedar has natural chemicals that are efficient for antiseptic and moth-proofing, have a good performance in humid places, and no need frequent maintenance. Besides, red cedar has a fresh, light sandalwood smell, which can cover and deodorize the smells of mildew.

For more information about a red cedar wine cellar, you can click here and if you want to see more design about an underground wine cellar, please click here, or contact us for further details or consultation.

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