Why choose red cedar to make wine racks?

Red cedar wood wine rack CR059

Why choose red cedar to make wine racks?

What is red cedar?

Red cedar, or called western red cedar is distributed on the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean. The main producing areas are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc. It is often used as a building material for house construction, flooring, furniture, boxes & cases, shipbuilding, etc.

Red cedar wood wine rack CR059

Red cedar wood wine rack CR059

Choosing red cedar to make wine racks has many advantages:

· Popularity – Red cedar wood is a very popular material to make wine racks, especially in Australia. In Ciematic the default wooden materials of wine cellar racks Ciematic made are oak and red cedar, while more red cedar wood is used in modern wine cellar design.

· FeaturesRed Cedar wine rack has excellent physical stability, easy to process. Red cedar has a low shrinkage, which means the changes in heat or humidity won’t affect much on it. The density of red cedar is also low – lower than most of the common wood such as oak – the end products are light and easy to carry or transport.

· Color – The natural pattern of red cedar is vivid and moderate. It’s not as rough as ash wood, and it has far fewer knots or cracks than pine wood. As its name suggests, natural red cedar is a warm reddish color.

· Fragrance – Red cedar has a faint smell of fresh, mild sandalwood, and it keeps volatilizing its fragrance under normal atmospheric temperature. When you drop a drop of water on it, the smell will be stronger. If you are interested in it, contact us for a free sample to test. Some people firmly believe that the fragrance of red cedar is good for health. That’s also one reason why people prefer cedar wine racks.

· Antiseptic & Moth-Proofing – red cedar has some natural chemicals which help it prevent moth or mold. Even in humid places, red cedar is not easy to decay. Thus, there’s no need to paint on red cedar, not to speak of repainting & waxing. The red cedar wine rack has a long lifetime in cellars, especially the ones underground.

· Wine Aging – Red cedar makes benefit to wine aging. Like oak wood, the natural chemicals it slowly releases will promote the production of tannin in wine liquid, to provide rich and mature flavor to wines.

· Pricing – Pricing of red cedar wine rack is affordable. In general, it’s medium.

If you have questions about red cedar or other wood we use for wine rack manufacturing, feel free to contact us for more information. Email us to [email protected] or leave a message in the right bottom textbox.

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