Custom rustic wooden wine racks for cellar

rustic wooden wine racks

Custom rustic wooden wine racks for cellar

To make an economic and practical cellar, many owners will prefer rustic wooden wine racks. They are natural and simple. Most of the wine racks are made of wooden strips and trims, and they are hollowed, thus it saves a lot of material and costs, comparing to the solid wood wine cabinets in same sizes.


Considering the stability and bearing, the wine racks are regularly made from oak wood and other hardwood. Most of the rustic wooden wine racks are unpainted or clear painted, in order to show the vivid woodgrain. The hollowed structure is also good at ventilation and lighting.


Few weeks ago, a handicraft enthusiast left a message to us, wondering the way to make the rustic wooden wine rack by himself. Our designer is glad to discuss with him about the process. If you are also interested in rustic wooden wine racks, feel free to contact us for more details. If you want to order custom wine racks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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