Case study: simple wine racking in the basement

simple wine racking

Case study: simple wine racking in the basement

Basements are often low, gloomy and sometime damp. It seems most of the basements are not suitable to be a bedroom. But the gloomy and damp basements are very suitable to be a cellar for storing and aging the wine. And a set of simple wine racking is enough for the common wine lovers.


This basement is designed as a private wine tasting room. 2 sets of simple wine racking go along the wall. In each set of racking, owner can put about 90 standard bottles and several boxes or cases inside.About the wine rack design, most of them are for individual bottles. On the waist level, there are a row of display racks. And as you can see here, there are a cabinet for wine sets and utensils sit in the corner, as well as the table top and a small sculpture. The armchairs and table are just beside these simple wine racking.

All the parts of simple wine racking are made from stained oak wood, which is finely polished. Under the light from the ceiling, the brown wood pattern looks vivid and natural. Just image, it must be pleasure in enjoying wine here.


If you have questions or comments about our simple wine racking, welcome to share with us your ideas. If you want to custom your wine rack, feel free to contact us. It’s out pleasure to discuss with you about the racks and the wine.

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