160 bottles custom small wall wine rack

small wall wine rack

160 bottles custom small wall wine rack

If you own about 100 bottles of wine and looking for racks or cabinets for them, how about a set of small wall wine rack like the image below? It can be built-in or free-standing type, dimensions are customized. In the last few articles, we introduced some similar cases, and those end users are all wine lovers who has 100-300 bottles of wine. For them, common wine fridges (able to cool 8-60 bottles) are not enough, and a wine room is not needed. And this small wine rack will not take up much space (about 1 meter wide and 0.35 meter deep), and gain enough racking for each bottle of wine. For example, the capacity of this small wall wine rack is 160 bottles of wine. This design and structure is simple so our B2B customers are easy to show it to their clients.

Ciematic works with Builders, constructors, designers and supplies complete solid wood wine rack, from the small wall wine rack as below, to a big round wine cellar rack, we make whatever you want.

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