How to enhance a suitable small wine cellar?

small wine cellar

How to enhance a suitable small wine cellar?

When we are talking about cellar, maybe we are imagining a big one enough for thousands of bottles of wine, and there may be a big tasting table for wine lovers and even a bar inside. But how about a small wine cellar only several square meters? How to make it more functional and more beautiful? Practical wine rack design and suitable lighting will help it.


In the past articles, we have talked about the differences between the various wine rack designs, we also talk about the capacities of them, those articles help you to choose the wine rack design you need, according to your wine collection.


After the drafting of the racks design, to small wine cellars, additional LED lighting is important. It makes the space bright and look good. If you only have a main light in the ceiling, when you are in this small room, your body will interrupt the light, and make the racks dimmer. So we will suggest you to fix the light, especially the tiny LED light, inside the rack. Just like this case, bottles are displayed brightly on the shelves under, and you won’t think this cellar is too smaller to step in. Lighting on wall can also create a good atmosphere in the small wine cellar.


Ciematic is not only a wooden wine rack maker, but also a custom design solution provider to our clients. We provide completed set of wooden wine racks, metal racks, lighting and other components for wine storage. Whatever a small wine cellar or a big one, contact us to make the ideal home for your wines.

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