Bright custom red stained wine rack design

Bright custom red stained wine rack design

Wood staining is a common treatment in manufacturing process of wine rack. Staining will change the color tone of the wood but still maintains its natural patterns. Most of the stain colors are brownish, yellowish and black, light or dark. We are going to show you a set of stained wine racks not in these colors, but bright red.


The bright red is surely not a regular color to make the stained wine rack and has a strong visual impact. It will match well with the marble decoration or dark color interior furniture.


This set of stained wine rack contains two parts which are opposite to each other. Standing from floor to ceiling, box bins and cross bins are on the bottom, 4 layers of display racks with LED lighting are in the middle. Above them there are full racking and arches. One big arch is in one side, and smaller arches on the other side. And the top is filled by solid wood cornice. The whole capacity is about 1200 bottles.


What’s your idea about this bright red stained wine rack? And which stained color is your favorite, welcome to share your opinion with us. To view more cases or wine rack models, please click the relevant link above.


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