Stained wine rack or unstained wine rack, what matters?

stained wine rack

Stained wine rack or unstained wine rack, what matters?

Have you noticed that some people are using stained wine racks, while some people are using wine racks made from unstained / unpainted wood? And why the wood stained, and why not?

To most of the wine rack, painting or staining is a necessary process.

As a kind of wooden furniture, painted / stained wine rack have a better protection than the naked wood. The water content inside wood will effect the stability of the wood structure. If the wood is not covered by paint, it will keep absorbing the moisture from the air and cause deformation. Paint and stain, as a shield on wood to prevent the water from getting inside.

Not only the moisture in the air, paint and stain also prevent the mould and oxygen getting in, so the wine rack is not easy to be decadent.

Paint and stain will also enhance the color or pattern of wood. The color range of natural wood pattern is limited. By painting and staining, more colors are available. That’s why there are black stained wine racks, as well as the red one, the brown one, etc.. After polishing and staining, wine rack manufacturer will brush a layer of matte paint or glossy paint as custom required, to make a strong and attractive finish on the wine rack.


There also some wine racks are not painted or stained, it is because of the feature of wood itself. Some natural wood are hard to be decadent or changing shape, such as red cedar. Its natural structure and the chemicals inside has a similar functions as paint, to prevent the negative effects. In this case, paint and stain are not necessary, and you can keep the natural finish of wood.


What you should notice is, for those customers willing to assemble and paint the wine racks by themselves, some furniture store will also sell the unpainted or unstained wine racks components. The buyers should also do the painting after assembling, or the lifetime of wine rack may be shortened.


When you custom your wine rack, would you prefer stained wine rack or the one unstained? Ciematic is a reliable wine rack supplier, our experienced designer will make your ideal wine rack come true.

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