How do we make the custom tall stackable wine rack?

tall stackable wine rack

How do we make the custom tall stackable wine rack?

In many home cellar, especially the one with a higher ceiling, wine racks are always tall, from floor to ceiling. How does Ciematic make a tall wine rack? The answer is simple: using tall stackable wine racks.

Most of the custom wine rack products made by Ciematic are assembled before packing, thus if we make the tall wine rack as one unit, it is very difficult for warehousing and delivery.

Take this Australian wine rack case as an example, the overall height of this wine cellar rack is 2520mm (8’3”). According to the client’s requests, there are individual racks, wine display racks, box bins, and diamond bins design in the completed cellar. It’s a typical simple modern tall stackable wine racks design for wine storage in the house. Each type of racks is separated as a unit and packed separately. Screws are used for connecting units.

To separate a complete wine cellar rack into small units, we will do some simple math.

The total height is 2520mm. The standard height of 10 rows is 1065mm, which is also a suitable height for the diamond bin. The height of the wine display rack should be more than 200mm, while the height of the box bin should be more than 400mm. The resting height is suitable for racks of 6 rows, which is 645mm high. Then we adjust the display rack of 265mm high and box bin of 460mm high. After all, the rest will be the height of top fillers.

The way to separate the length is the same as above.

In fact, most of the modern tall stackable wine cellar rack, no matter tall or short, wide or narrow, are combinations of the stackable smaller units. If you understand the standard size of each type of wine racks, it’s easy for you to custom your own wine racks. If you are not sure about it, welcome to fill out the form at the bottom and contact us for free 3D design.

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