Modern underground wine cellar rack in the house

underground wine cellar rack

Modern underground wine cellar rack in the house

Nowadays, in many luxury houses or villas, there would be big underground space for storage or other uses. If the house owners are also wine lovers, they would be more likely to build a wine cellar underground, just like this case.

1.Underground wine cellar Location

The basement floor in this house is for entertainment. The wine cellar is in a medium-size room beside the stairs. There is a pool room not far away.

2.Cellar doors design

The cellar doors are sliding on rails. Big pieces of transparent glass are framed by solid wood. People can see through it clearly, and they also provide fine tightness when closed.

3.Wine cellar racks

The overall shape of this underground wine cellar is U-shaped. Most of the wine rack in these cellars are individual racks. At waist level, there is a wine display rack with lighting. A diamond bin is located in the middle of U-shaped, and there is a tasting table on it. To avoid accidents, the end of the wine cellar rack is a set of rounded corner shelves. U-shaped wine racks are popular for medium size cellar, to view more similar design, you can click the below links:

4.Underground collar accessories

Accessories in this underground wine cellar are mainly the lighting and ladder. For the wine racks which are taller than 2.4 meters, we would suggest ladder, so people can catch the upper racks easily. But for U-shaped cellars, curved ladder rail is needed, which means the corner wine rack should be curved as well.

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