Let’s see this custom solid wood villa cellar

villa cellar

Let’s see this custom solid wood villa cellar

Ciematic makes lots of projects about villa cellar in the past few year. Most of them are quite same as the private cellar in the basements or entertainment rooms. You will see the bottles of wine have their separated room, and most of the racks are full of squares or lattices

This villa cellar is a bit different. All the shelves here are beveled – they look like the branches, and the bottle of wine will not roll around as they roll on flat shelves. In the other hand, stacked bottles make their labels hard to be seen. But it’s not a defect for some one only love a certain number of wine varieties. Each ‘branch’ is for a particular wine, and they will never be mixed-up with others.

How do you think this villa cellar design? Has it touched your inspiration about your wine rack design? Come and share with us!

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