Made to order vintage style oak wine cellars design

Made to order vintage style oak wine cellars design

If you have more interest in vintage style wine cellar design, we’d like to introduce this custom made oak wood vintage wine cellar to you.

1.Overall view

This vintage wine cellar is located in the basement of a villa, with a specific air condition system to maintain suitable temperature and humidity.

This cellar is planned to build around the basement, to have a capacity of more than 1800 bottles (750ml). The owner of this cellar also wants the design to be a nice place for a wine tasting or holding small gatherings with other wine lovers.


Considering the owner wants to have more wood carvings & molding as decorations to match the vintage style furnishing, and there are few ready-made options, we used oak wood to custom make the wine cellar racks and cabinets particularly based on the room sizes and owner’s favor.

3.vintage wine cellar design

Unlike other cellars for storage, this cellar is more focused on display and tasting. We don’t put full racking everywhere but put more display racks, diamond racks, cross bins, box bins, and arches in the design. To make sure this cellar has a big enough capacity, as well as a nice appearance for gathering.

In the center, there are two island tables, which are made from all-heart oak wood. This natural wood pattern makes people feel just standing with the trees in the forest. And that’s why we suggest oak wood to clients for vintage or traditional cellar racks and cabinets. Its pattern is nice and elegant, it’s strong but modest.

If you looking for vintage wine cellars, or if you think full racking everywhere in the cellar is too monotonous, this case will help you to know more about the combination of wine racking in different types. If you are doing the design draft, but not sure how it looks like, contact us, our design team will help you to make it visualized.

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