How to choose a suitable wine cooler cabinet for wine storage?

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How to choose a suitable wine cooler cabinet for wine storage?

Among millions of wine lovers all over the world, there are wine collectors who own a thousand bottles of wine, there are also some of them who don’t have such big quantity. In this case, How to choose a suitable wine cooler cabinet for wine storage?

We all know that a cool and dim environment is good for wine storage.

It seems that the fridge in the kitchen is also a good place: it’s cool enough, and not bright at all when closed. If the wine is already opened, or you will enjoy the wine several days after, the fridge is really a nice place. But if you want to store for a longer time, the fridge is not enough.

The average fridges for home-use, provide a temperature range of about 2-8℃, humidity around 30%. To store wine well, the best temperature range should be 10-15℃, ideal humidity is about 70%. Obviously, the fridge can not provide suitable temperature nor humidity.

Besides, in daily life, we will put varied food or cooking ingredients into the fridge. But theirs smells in the fridge are blocked tightly. These complex smells will have an influence on wine quality since the wine cork allows minor air to come into the bottle.

If you want to store the wine for a long time, but you don’t have many bottles of wine, a wine cooler cabinet is a good option for you.

The wine cooler cabinets in the market can be divided according to the types of cooling systems.

1.Compressor cooler cabinet cooling systems.

The compressor cooler is the same cooling system in the household fridge. In the compressor, the cryogen will absorb the heat from inside, and release the heat to the outside, so the temperature inside will be lowered. The cooling efficiency of the compressor cooler is high. Once it detects the temperature is getting higher than the preset temperature, the compressor will restart to lower it. Otherwise, when it detects the temperature meet the preset one, it will shut-off automatically. This circulation (temperature increase→compressor on→temperature lower→compressor off) will help the wine cabinet to maintain a stable temperature.

The compressor cooler will have slightly shaking during working, which will influence the wine quality. Besides, the compressor needs more electricity.

2. Thermoelectric cooler cabinet cooling systems

The thermoelectric cooler is a device that uses the thermoelectric effect of semiconductors to produce cooling capacity. The thermoelectric effect shows, connect two different metals with conductors and connect them with direct current, the temperature at one contact will decrease and the temperature at the other contact will increase. The thermoelectric cooler will not make a sound when operating, the shaking of the mechanism is much less than the compressor cooler. Besides, thermoelectric coolers need less electricity.

There are also disadvantages to the thermoelectric cooler. Its cooling efficiency is lower than the compressor cooler. And you can not set a very low temperature, since it has limits. The outside hot air will also affect the cooling efficiency. It means it’s not very suitable for the area where is hot. Besides, the thermoelectric cooler is often designed to be light and small, which means its capacity is small. Usually from 4 bottles to 18 bottles.

Which type of wine storage you think is better? If you want further advice about wine cooler cabinets or cellar racking, leave a message below and we will reply to you soon.

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