Wine display cabinet design for American farmhouse

wine display cabinet design

Wine display cabinet design for American farmhouse

For many persons, displaying their wine collections in their homes or businesses is not only because of their private love of wine but also a way to share this appreciation of wine to families and friends. To display the wine properly, a good wine display cabinet is a must.

In this article, I will introduce a set of wine cabinets we made for Jane, to fit her newly bought farmhouse in American.

Jane is a doctor working in a metropolis. This farmhouse is for her family holidays and holding parties with friends. In the living room, she wants to have a wine display cabinet around the fireplace. And that’s why she came to us.

This wine cabinet is built wall-to-wall and from floor to ceiling, about 9 feet high. In order to reach the bottles in the top rows, we design a ladder next to cabinets.
On both ends, there are cabinets with drawers for utensils and wine boxes. Above them are individual racks for separative bottles. The middle part is empty for the fireplace and decorations.

The whole wine cabinet is made from oak wood and painted golden brown.

How do you think of this wine display cabinet design? Welcome to share your ideas with us. Ciematic provides free wine rack design services, feel free to contact us for more details.

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