How to design a wine rack cabinet for villa?

wine rack cabinet design

How to design a wine rack cabinet for villa?

Ciematic works together with interior designers and builders to provide a good quality wine rack cabinet.

In 2018, we have a chance to work with a famous real estate developer in China. At that time, their villa project had been started, and they want to furnish their sample villa at the same time to attract customers.

The overall design is in European style – Fancy ceiling, elegant solid wood carving, floral wall decoration, columns & fence, leather sofa, and shining chandeliers. Moreover, they plan to place a European style display wine rack cabinet beside the card room, that’s why we were invited into this project for the design of it.

As a sample villa, not a professional wine store or winery, to design the wine rack cabinet here, we need to pay more attention to the display and good looking.

The main part of the wine cabinet is a built-in type, surrounded by carved & polished marble. Both ends are display shelves for wines. In the middle, we have flat shelves with a mirror background. These shelves are not only for wine & liquor, but also for the glass, decanters, and decorations.

In front of the built-in wine cabinets, there is an island wine rack cabinet as a tasting table, as well as storage for other items & utensils.
We also have some ideas for the lights – make glass rack hanging beside the ceiling light. When the light goes through the transparent glass, it should be a glittering view.

If you also need a design service about wine cabinets or cellar racks, welcome to contact us anytime!

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