how to assemble the wine rack kit step by step?

how to assemble the wine rack kit step by step?

In the wine rack market, there are two types of racks provided: custom wine cellar racks, as well as wine rack kits. Different from the assembled-packed custom racks, wine rack kits are flat-packed and should be assembled by the end customers at site. If you are looking for wine rack kits, but don’t know how to assemble them, this article will be your guidance.


First, you’d better know about the components of wine rack kits. Though there are slightly differences between products from different suppliers, the structures are almost the same.


Take the rack kits Ciematic produced as example, a set of wine rack is composed by two end-ladders, several middle ladders and several trims. Usually ladders are already assembled in the package, if they aren’t, then you need to compose the ladders with the support bars and sticks.


Since we have reserved the notch for trims on the ladder racks, when you assemble them, you should put the trim to the notch, and connect them with screws or nails. After fixing all the trims, the wine rack kit is completed. If you have more wine rack kits and want to stack them together, you should also order the connect trim. There is also the crown molding, base platform products to meet the needs of different customers.

how to assemble the wine rack kit step by step?

wine rack kits

Lastly, the product sizes of wine rack kits are limited and you’d better to measure the space for your wine rack kits before ordering them.


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