Common wine racking design & capacity differences

wine racking design

Common wine racking design & capacity differences

In recent years, not only the wholesalers & architects will order custom wine cellar racking products from us, more and more private wine collectors come to us. But sometimes they don’t have much idea about which wine racking design is the best for them, though they may visit many wine cellars before or view a lot of wine racking design on the Internet.

Even in our wine cellar product catalog , there are more than 100 wine racking models for selection. The more designs they search, the more difficult to select. How to pick out the most suitable design become a problem.

What wine racking design combination is better?

To know more about the wine racking customization, and the different module designs, this article will introduce some regular module combinations and their differences of capacity.

Let’s take a space of 1.8 meters wide by 2.4 meters high as an example.

Model 1: Full racking from bottom to top, Capacity: 320 bottles (750ml)
wine racking design
Model 2: Full racking with box bin, Capacity: 256 bottles (not include box bin)
Full racking with box bin
Model 3: Full racking with display rack, Capacity: 304 bottles
Full racking with display rack
Model 4: Full racking with arch, Capacity: 248 bottles (not include arch)
Full racking with arch
Model 5: Full racking with diamond racking, Capacity: 264 bottles
diamond wine racking
Model 6: Diamond racking with box bin, Capacity: 200 bottles (not include box bin)
Diamond wine racking with box bin
Model 7: Diamond bin with full racking, Capacity: 340 bottles
Diamond bin with full racking
Model 8: Cross bin from bottom to top, Capacity: 436 bottle
Cross bin from bottom to top
Model 9: Full racking with display & cabinet, Capacity: 160 bottles (not include cabinet)
Full racking with display & cabinet

And you can see that the capacity of full racking is around 60 bottles per square meter. And in the same space, cross bin and the diamond bin can store more bottles than racking. The Arch will take more space for decoration. Box bin is suitable for the wine in cartons or cases. If you need storage space for utensils, cabinets are also available.

According to the quantity of your wine and the size of your space, you will have a clearer idea about the wine racking design.

If you need any help with the wine racking design, consult us for more advice.

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