Solid wood wine racking system for under stair

wine racking system

Solid wood wine racking system for under stair

Are you still wondering how to do the solid wood wine racking system for your cellar? Are you worried about how to make a perfect wine racking design?

Contact us and we will prepare everything well for you.

In this article, I will introduce a wine racking system that we make for an under stair cellar.

This wine cellar is only 2.1 meters, about 7 feet high. It’s a long rectangular shape, and there is a door in the short wall.

This wine cellar is planned only for wine storage. No need to place a tasting table inside.

So the cellar owner and Ciematic designer plan to make wine racking for both long walls, providing a capacity of over 1,200 bottles of wine and liquor.

wine racking systems on both sides are in similar design – open shelves for ends, box bins for the bottom, a big diamond bin in the center, and individual racking for the rest. Consider the ceiling height is not hard to reach, so we don’t design the ladder here.

When we call it a wine racking system, not a simple wine holder, we want the wine storage is organized. It will have some obvious main sections for different functions, such as individual storage, bulk storage, leaning display, laying, etc.. On each section, wine collectors can name them after varieties, brands, or year of production.

What’s your idea about the wine racking system? Welcome to contact us for more details. If you are looking for a designer for your wine cellar, Ciematic designer team will always here waiting for your contacts.

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