Modern style bespoke commercial wine racks design

wine racks modern design

Modern style bespoke commercial wine racks design

Nowadays along with the spread of wine interests in the world, more and more wine stores become modern and they are not limited in the traditional style of the store. At the same time, more and more hotels and restaurants paying more attention to wine, to expand the business. Ciematic also produces and designs commercial modern wine racks according to the client’s needs.

let’s see this case of commercial wine rack modern design.

This wine rack modern design is bespoke for the tasting room in a big wine wholesale company. And this room is for small-scale wine tasting, around 3-5 persons each time. The company wants the wine racking inside are able to have a certain capacity and can show the wine labels properly, and there is no need for other fancy types of racks, so in this wine cellar modern design, we suggest having more wine laying racks than the common full racking. Labels on bottles on laying racks are more clear and picking up the bottles are more convenient.

Besides, laying racks are more flexible than other wine racks in modern design, it is suitable for bottles in any sizes and any shapes, while common full racking can only hold standard bottles.

In this room, the tasting table is located in the center, as well as the sink and other equipment like the fridge and ice-maker. A fine marble bar table provides a comfortable place for sitting.

Ciematic provides considerate design solution and fine products to commercial clients, to fulfill the demands of good quality and different functions. Feel free to contact us for more details, you will have a chance to get a discount for the next orders! Chat with us at the bottom right.

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