How to choose a suitable wine shelf?

How to choose a suitable wine shelf?

If you don’t have many wine collections, but like to have a drink sometime, various wine rack and wine shelf are better options for you to keep the wine, instead of a wine cellar with a big capacity.


Before browsing the shopping website or google pages for wine shelf design, you’d better have a rough idea about the function of the wine shelf you need. A few questions will help you to select the perfect one


  1. How many bottles of wine do you have?

If you only have couple of bottles, and will not keep many at the same time, the Storage function of the wine shelf is not necessary for you. You can choose whichever you like.

How to choose a suitable wine shelf?

If you have about a dozen of bottles, or hold parties from time to time, you’d better looking for wine shelf which can keep more than a dozen of bottles. If you buy the smaller one, the rest of your wine will need to be kept in other places.

If you are developing your interest in wine or starting to invest in the wine collection. You’d better look for a bigger wine shelf or wine fridge which has a capacity over 50 bottles.


  1. Do you prefer to put the shelf on the wall, inside a cabinet, or standing on the floor?

There are many wine shelf options in different installations to meet your needs. Normally, wall-mounted wine shelf and rack has a smaller capacity than the floor-mounted one.

How to choose a suitable wine shelf?

  1. Do you prefer wooden shelf or a metal rack?

Wooden material is the commonly used material but not the only material to make the wine racks. Metal wine racks and shelves become a trend for household furniture. It’s easy to maintain and matches the modern interior style well.

How to choose a suitable wine shelf?

After asking yourself these three questions, you’ll find the suitable item more easily. If you want information about wine storage, welcome to contact us anytime.

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