Where are the good places for wine storage at home?

wine storage at home

Where are the good places for wine storage at home?

When you escaped the hot red sun outdoor, and enjoy your wine in an air-conditioned room, have you ever worried about that, your treasured wine is suffering from the heat? Where are the good places for wine storage at home? And what should we pay attention for storing the wine?

Where are the good places for wine storage at home?

As the former post on Ciematic.com, a good wine storage place or cellar should meet the conditions below:


Proper and stable temperature: The best temperature for wine is 15℃, and it should not be changed rapidly. To some wine and spirit varieties, a higher temperature does not have much bad influence. The key point is to keep the temperature stable.


Away from light: wine should be stored away from light, especially the white and rose wine in clear bottles. If the wine is under sunlight for a long time, its quality will be deteriorated irreversibly. And that’s why more people use LED for their wine storage at home.


Good ventilation: fresh air can bring out the peculiar smell and promote the wine aging. On the other hand, it’s not proper to put the fermented food, such as cheese beside the wine. Smell of these foods will also deteriorate the wine liquid.


70% humidity: the cork to wine is like the nose to human. If the environment is dry, the cork also gets dry and allow more oxygen getting in the bottle and make the aging process losing control. A 70% humidity keeps the corks work well.


And where are the place meet the conditions above?


Wine fridge or wine cooler: there are wine fridge or wine coolers in various size providing the perfect wine storage space for you. You can put it almost everywhere, kitchen, pantry, dining room, sitting room, etc. What needed is only a space with socket.


Pantry: some of the pantry room can meet the requirements above. As a wine storage at home, some cabinets or racks are needed as holders.


Basement or stairwell: If you want to find a place away from sunlight, the basement and the space under-stair are the right ones. One stairwell space can store around 100 bottles of wine on racks, and a basement can store much more. They are more likely to be built as home cellar.


If you want to build a wine storage at home, but don’t have a clear idea, don’t hesitate to come to us for consultation. Ciematic has a long-term experience in designing and supplying wine storage product.

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