Which factors you need think about wine storage at home?

wine cellar at home

Which factors you need think about wine storage at home?

When Ciematic talks with customers about wine storage at home, what exactly we talk about? Not much actually: space, design and cost.

  1. The space for wine storage at home

Normally, the house owner is easy to find the space for wine storage cabinets or racks, no matter the house is constructing or renovating.

If the basement is big and it’s enough to be a wine cellar for bulk wines and social activity. Besides, temperature and humidity in basement are relatively stable, and this condition is good for wine aging. Thus many wine collectors prefer the basement cellars.

The stairwell cellar is become popular now. By using glass wall & doors, LED lighting and waterfall-like wine racks, it turns to be a stunning wine storage at home.

If you own less than 200 bottles of wine, a set of common wine rack in pantry is enough.

In some cases, people put wine cabinets or wine fridge in living room or entertainment room, and some people will use glass wall to separate a cellar from other rooms.

When customers come to us and looking for suitable wine rack products, what are need are the overall dimension size and the layout.


  1. The design of wine storage at home

The wine rack design is based on the provided dimension and layout. Ciematic also want to know the capacity of bottles customer need. There are several models of wine rack unit and they provide various capacity. The overall capacity of wine storage at home should be at least 10% more than the number of bottles existing, to provide enough space for the wine in future.


  1. The cost of wine storage at home

Like many custom furniture, the more material the custom wine racks need, the more it costs. The bigger it is, the more it cost. Besides, different wood costs different. For example, pinewood costs less than oak wood, and oak wood costs less than mahogany. Not to speak of the difference between stained and unstained wood.


When you plan the wine storage at home, you’d better know more about it.

A good wine rack will have benefit to your wines. Feel free to contact us.

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