What are frequently used materials for wine storage ideas?

What are frequently used materials for wine storage ideas?

A wine racking, big or small, is a must for wine-lovers. And they always love to fill their racks with all kinds of wine. The wine rack system is different from the normal cabinets. A popular wine storage idea is that each bottle of wine should have its own shelf or cell. This is good for classifying the wines of different categories, chateau & wine villages, and ages. Wine bottles would not be packed in cartons and stored on the shelves like those overstock products in the warehouse.

In the furniture market, the wine rack is a niche product and the people who buy wine racking are almost wine-lover or related to wine business, which means wine racking is not familiar to the public. That’s normal that, for those starters, they don’t have much wine storage idea about the design and material of racks. It’s the same as, just like my keen gardener neighbor tells me, if he hasn’t started into gardening, he wouldn’t know there are dozens of different soils for different plants.

This article is mainly for the wine-lover starts, introducing the regular materials for wine racking manufacture. So they will have more wine storage ideas when looking for the racks for their wines and spirits.

Generally, there are three kinds of material to make the wine racking: solid wood, metal, and acrylic.

What are frequently used materials for wine storage ideas?1.Solid wood.

Solid wood is a traditional material to make the wine racking, but not all kinds of solid wood have good performance. Different solid wood has its own scents, which was naturally volatilized and influence the wine flavor during storage.

These influences may be good or maybe bad for the wine itself. Thus, we would suggest you to use oak wood or cedarwood to make the racking, because their scents and material volatilized have been proved to be good for wine flavor during the long time storage.

Usually, solid wood wine racking has an ordinary surface without painting. If you want a painted one, you should mention it when ordering, or you need to brush them by yourself. And you need to notice that, water-based paint is more healthy and environmental friendly, though it cost higher than the common oil paint.

After painting, the wine racking should be put outdoor to dissipate the small. Or the paint will also influence wine quality.

What are frequently used materials for wine storage ideas?2.Metal

Metal wine racking becomes popular in recent years. They could be fully-made by metal (stainless steel, iron, cast-iron, aluminum, or others), or combination of metal and wood.

Some models of metal racking can be a full wall-size from floor to ceiling, just like the solid wood racking, some models are smaller and can be put into a cupboard or on the bar table. There are also wall-mounted models.

Metal wine racking is suitable for modern style interior design, and people who don’t have many bottles of wine.

And another disadvantage of metal racking is that its sizes are standard and cannot be custom according to the exact size like solid wood rackings. Especially for the round-shaped basement wine cellar, metal wine racking is not the best choice.

What are frequently used materials for wine storage ideas?3.Acrylic

The transparent acrylic material is different from the traditional wine storage idea. But actually it is often used in bars, or wine shops which need to better display the wine and spirits. This transparent material together with ubiquitous light shows the wine better and even makes a sense of cyberpunk into the environment. Though some people think an acrylic wine rack is not a good idea, it’s just a display shelf only for eye-catching.

But who could deny its unique beauty, which is totally different from the traditional models? Even those people who love to enjoy their wine in a cozy cellar, surrounding by the wood racking and bottles, sometimes they will come to the shops with modern or post-modern design, enjoy their time with friends and lovely drinks.

To end up this article, I want to ask your notice that, the wine racks need constant temperature and humidity, and you shouldn’t clean the bottles and rack frequently. When cleaning, using a dry cloth or small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface is enough, don’t use a wet cloth to wipe them.

If you want more information about the wine storage idea, feel free to contact us.

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