Custom oak wood liquor cabinet for new house

wood liquor cabinet

Custom oak wood liquor cabinet for new house

Our boss knows Mr. Tong at a business conference years ago, and they have a good friendship. He contacted our boss and wanted a set of custom oak wood liquor and wine cabinet for a new house. In the second half of 2018, Mr. Tong’s new house was ready for furniture customization and he invited us to discuss more details.

To custom the wine cabinets ideas for Mr. Tong’s cellar, our designer visited his new house to measure the room size in person.
The cellar is located in the basement. Outside of the cellar, there are a billiard room, restroom, and a small cinema. Obviously, this cellar is also a part of this entertainment basement.

When discussing the liquor and wine cabinet design, he says sometimes he will invite some business partners or close friends home as private parties. A good wine cellar seems to be a good place. They can enjoy the wine and relax here, rather than getting drunk in bars or wine shops. Mr. Tong enjoys the wine & spirits, but he is not very keen on drinking wine frequently. Every year, he will buy some wines which are worth foraging, and famous Chinese spirits as an investment. At the same time, his friends and relatives usually send him wines & spirits as presents. So he requests the wine and liquor cabinet should have enough space for both wines and liquor.

We design a set of modern U-shape liquor and wine cabinet to fully use the cellar space. In the bottom part of this case, we put common racking, laying racks, cross bins for wine. In the upper part, except the racking & diamond racks, we have shelves for decorations and those spirits need standing.

In the center of the cellar, there is an island with diamond racks and a shelf on two ends. To separate each wine rack or liquor cabinet, there are simply Rome columns with carving.

All the liquor and wine cabinet wooden parts are made from oak wood design, with reddish stain. We also do an extra polishing process to make it more glossy. Though it was covered by a thin layer of dust when we took the images of trial-assembling, you will see its gloss clearly. All the paint we used is qualified and environment friendly.

Besides, we use hinges & drawer runner from Blum, a reliable, world-famous hardware brand based in Austria.

This set of wine and liquor cabinet ideas is in typical Chinese style. We also made a set of the wine cabinet in similar designs as a showroom sample. If you want more plans, you can click here to see >> wine-cabinet-showroom.

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