Custom red paint wooden bar cabinet in villa

wooden bar cabinet

Custom red paint wooden bar cabinet in villa

In this article, we are going to talk about the wooden bar cabinet design below. The bar cabinets are made of red painted solid wood, standing on the concrete base. The wall cabinets are the main area for wine storage. Designer mixes the open shelves, diamond racks and lattices together and make the completed wall cabinet symmetrical.


The island in this wooden bar cabinets is for operation. It is a black granite worktop with sink that, people can prepare some drinks and snacks here. The extended worktop provide space for sitting. And the sofas are not far from the bar.


Generally, this wooden bar cabinet is elegant, and the designer paid more attention on appearance rather than the function of wine cabinet. There is no wine cooler system inside and the wine capacity is not many. This area is enough for quite a dozen people here for party and getting together.


How do you think about this wooden bar cabinet design? Welcome to share your opinion with us. Ciematic is a wine storage solution provider, supplying custom wine cabinets, wine cellar racks and other products. If you are looking for the wine racks fitted your home, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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