Solid wood wine storage rack for country style villa

Solid wood wine storage rack for country style villa

In the year of 2017, one of our clients Mr. Clark recommended us to his friend Mr. Johnson to make a nice wood wine storage rack in his newly-built country style villa.

This wood wine storage rack is located in Mr. Johnson’s semi-basement room. There is a lobby outside and a kitchenette inside. The actual space of wine storage is about 4.5 meters by 3 meters, ceiling height is 2.2 meters.

Because Mr. Johnson will regularly hold wine tastings, so he wanted this wine storage racks to have enough capacity as well as a nice appearance. Besides, since he would like to have a country-style as the overall interior style of this villa, he requested all the wine rack in storage should be made from solid wood.

To match the country style, we suggest using oak wood and with a stained finish. We prepared 4 color samples from light stained to dark stained and express them to Mr. Johnson for him to select.

When you get in this solid wooden wine storage rack, you will see the grand arch above the cross bin first. On both sides of it, there are diamond racks and display racks.

On the other wall, there are also individual racks and box bins for cases and boxes. As an echo to the grand arch, we put a smaller one among the racks.

Instead of a tasting table, Mr. Johnson asked us to make an island in the same style. We designed an island wine racking which we have wine racks and cabinets on both sides. The upper of the island are laying rack with a transparent glass top, so people can see the wine through it.

As a place for tasting, we should consider about the glasses. Facing to the grand arch, we have a hanging glass rack for it.

During the discussion about the design, Mr. Johnson found his interests in the barrel-shaped wine cooler on our website, and order one of it along with the custom wooden wine storage rack.

If you also have interests in the product mentioned above, you can click here a custom wine storage design or barrel-shaped cooler for more details.

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