Built in wine rack made of dark oak product case

Australian built in oak wine racks

Built in wine rack made of dark oak product case

In the Australian built-in oak wine racks case, we talked about before Australian wine cellar racks, we introduce how we know Mark, interior design in Australia, and what wine cellar we make for him.

Though Mark doesn’t have much experience with wine rack business before, the cooperation between us makes him confident to explore the built-in oak wine rack on the local market

A few months after, Mark orders another built-in oak wine rack from us. This dark oak wine rack is the same built-in type as the last one he ordered, and all the components are made of dark painted oak wood.

About the built-in oak wine rack design, we make it full racking, in this case, instead of diamond racks we made for the last time. The whole set of wine rack is about 1.5 meters wide and 2.1m high. There are 14 columns and 17 rows, with a total capacity of 238 standard 750ml bottles. The racks are covered by the solid wood frame in the same finish. And Mark will fix the door to the frame on-site.

Ciematic works with builders & designers, supporting them to develop the wine racks & oak wine cellar markets. We don’t have any MOQ request for the orders. No matter you want wine rack for cellars or small racks for daily table wine, we have different product series for them. Customization service & design service are for free.

If you have interests in working with us, welcome to leave your message here or email us [email protected], we will reply to you in 24 hours.

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