Wine rack design for champagne lovers

Wine rack design for champagne lovers

According to our experience, a private wine cellar does not need a big space. There are no complex decorations in many modern champagne wine racking designs. In the below project, the cellar space is only 1.8 meters by 2.5 meters, with a capacity of more than 800 bottles (750ml). But there is someplace designed for magnum bottles, so the actual capacity is not fixed.

U-shaped champagne wine rack design

A set of U-shaped champagne wine rack design is piled up along the wall. The owner doesn’t want the simple full rack design — it’s a bit bored to him, while the size of the common individual rack is not fitted to his champagne and magnum bottles — but prefer the combination of different types of racks. There are individual racks, laying racks, diamond bins, waterfall racks, quarter corner, small arches among racks, and a grand arch in the middle. To know more about different types of wine rack, you can check our former article about it. (type of wine rack
The combination of wine rack here is not only suitable for standard bottles, but also the bottles in other sizes and shapes. If you are also worried about the storage of big size bottle, diamond bins, laying rack and shelves will help a lot. But in case if you have a big quantity of big size bottles, or only collect the magnum bottles, you’d better custom the individual rack for them, it’s easier for you to check the wine quality or to move them. You can also click here (champagne wine rack design)to view more wine rack combinations.

All racks and wooden parts in this cellar are made from varnished oak wood. In our production process, after cutting the solid wood into pieces that we want, we will sand and polish the wood surface to avoid splinters. If clients don’t want the unpainted wood, we will varnish or stain the wood according to the appointed color.

If you want to know the combination of wine rack or the wood color options, contact our staff for more information.

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